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The Journey of I Am!

Happy New Year 2017!

Willing blessings of peace, joy, love, pleasure and money to you and yours!

The year 2017 from a numerological standpoint is a 1 year. 2+0+1+7 = 10 => 1+0 = 1

Taking that into account, I charge you with seeing this year as the year of I Am.

The one (1) represents You. Keywords associated with it is independence, leadership, creation, passion, and willpower. The zero (0) is the essence and energy of the Divine (Universe, God, guides, higher self - whatever you want to call it), that unknown higher power.

The ten (10) represents capturing and assessing all of the challenges and victories that you have experienced over the last 9 years (2008 to 2016), wrapping them up, and using the lessons to push your forward in living your I Am! This is the year of connecting with your inner magician and passion, in order to create the life you desire! Shine, shine, shine... let your light shine!

Questions to help you wrap up the last 9 years and to move forward in your I Am year are:

(1) Who are you?

(2) Why are you here?

(3) What do you want to accomplish?

(4) Who do you relate with?

(5) What is your foundation?

(6) What type of change has inspired you?

(7) What are your financial goals? How do you want to create?

(8) How can you give back?

For a 2017 numerology consultation that will provide insights on what this year has in store for you and tips to navigate this journey, visit

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