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Talk to the Head!

In the Yoruba culture, it is encouraged that we pray to our Ori/head, the spiritual intuition or personal consciousness that we each have to lead and guide us on our daily journeys. Before speaking to anyone or beginning your day, it is advised to pray to the little man/woman within and speak great things to them. Performing this daily ritual helps us in ways like: (1) it tells your consciousness and spirit what your goals are for the day (2) you are connected to your intuition/higher self throughout the day to assist when needed (3) you are able to ask for inspiration and support in being productive and successful. It is best to find an Oriki that speaks to your soul. You will know this by the way the words make you feel when reading or speaking the song to your heart. Praying to your Ori (or higher self not only connects you to the divine being within, but it also helps you to tap into the thousands upon thousands of Ancestors. Worshipping your Ori is worshipping the aspect of the Creator that exists within you. In fact the Ori is considered a literal Divinity and the most important Divinity, even before the Creator, because it is located within you. Worshipping the Ori brings about mental clarity, visions/prophecy, clear conscious, heightened sense of "right/wrong" for your own destiny, peacefulness, decisiveness etc.

Below is the first Oriki Ori that I was introduced to, and I continue to say it to this day, as it makes me feel rejuvenated, free, and prepared to take on the challenges of the day. In the morning, before I place my foot down off of my bed, I turn my head towards the Sun and bend; while gesturing opening a hole. I then image the sun shining oh so brightly, with a strikingly beautiful figure with rays of light shimmering in all directions. Within my being, my heart flutters, she is smiling and holding her arms out to greet me and welcome me to the new day.

Perform this daily ritual at your own risk, as I incorporated this into my day my life began to change. I could feel the shift within and my consciousness began to expand. I began to experience synchronicities and messages from the astral world and my ancestors in my daily life. And, as a result, I have become more confident in Me.


Iwure to Ori for Good Luck (Luck can/should be replaced with the concept of Balance/Alignment) from Otura Ogbe (Otura Ori-ire) Yoruba (English) Ka ji ni kutukutu

(To wake up early mornings) Ka mu ohun ipin ko’pin

(And give destiny its due) d'Ifa fun Olomo-ajiba’re-pade l'ola

(Divine for the person that will meet-with-luck tomorrow) Emi ni mo ji ni kutukutu ti mo f’ohun ipin ko’pin

(It is I who gives destiny its due when waking in the morning) Emi ni mo ba ire pade l’ola

(Therefore, it is I, who will meet with luck today and tomorrow - future) Emi ni mo ji ni kutukutu ti mo f’ohun ipin ko’pin

(It is I who gives destiny its due when waking in the morning) Emi ni mo ba aje okiki ati ire pade l'ola

(It is I who meets with wealth and fame tomorrow – future)

What is your morning ritual? What types of results have you noticed, since honoring self first, has become a habit?

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