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Using your spiritual gifts

I started my spiritual path, like most, trying to figure out my purpose. A couple of months earlier, after years of "knowing" there was more to this life, I had manifested myself being fired from a job. I was not happy, I did not like my job anymore, and I was a standstill personally. I was begging for help in finding my self and why I am here? Our life purpose and spiritual gift, in my opininon, are connected, as they both coincide with what will give us the most development and easier ways to assist others on our journeys here on earth; those innate abilities that we have from birth. For example, if you are very good with your hands, you may be a builder or carpenter. If you have always loved clothes and piecing unique fits together, your talent may be fashion.

In numerology, your gift number is determined by the actual date of your birth. For someone born on the 28th day of August, the gift number would be 28/10/1. If your date of birth is 11/7/2011, your gift number is 7.

Today, we are going to take our gift number and pull a card to assist on cultivating or guiding us on the next step of our gifts through some life purpose cards that I have. All you need to do is take your gift number, reduce it down to a single digit and follow the information below. Based on the cards below, we will incorporate the gift number, with intention that it assists you on your next steps of really becoming the God/Goddess that you are!

1 – Career Change: Your card is career change. Have you been feeling that you are ready for a change? Know that you are being nudged to do this, but do not quit your day job without kowing it's th right time. Put your intention out that you are ready and begin committing yourself to small goals to get it done. Training and starting off part-time. Your guides hear you and will be sending messages to assist you.

2 – Body Work: The ability to use your natural intuitive ability to help others heal while using your hands. This card is validation that your interest in the healing arts is evident. Massage, reiki, physical therapy, training, even being a tatoo artist combined with your psychic ability can help you tap in to clients needs.

3 – School: You are naturally social and jovial. You know how to help others through your comedic fun style. This card represents either going to school, teaching others, or both, by creating a more "updated" learning style.

4 – Freedom: You have the right to change. Accept the role of taking responsibility for your own happiness and joy. The "Free Falling" song came to mind when this came up. Use your out of the box thinking and free spirited mind to uncover new ways to help others.

5 – Sensitive: You are beginning to tap into your feelings and those of others. As a natural communicator and writer, use your abillity to innerstand others' needs and desires to provide services for them.

6 – Music: Healing through music and the arts are needed for you currently. As you indulge yourself in artistic goodness, this will assis your in healing and provide another soundtrack to life. If you are already an artist, this could be calling for you to use these talents to heal others.

7 – Author: Your gifts encompass your spirituality. Consider penning a book that discusses your journey and providing real-life examples to others.

8 – Oracle cards: Using oracle cards and/or readings as a focus in your business and finances. This is not only focusing as a point that you may want to look into becoming a reader of card as a profession. However, it is indicating that you need to use this tool and other divination tools to help you stay balanced and make decisions that are for your highest good when it comes to these areas in your life.

9 – Counseling: Being able to listen to others with an empathetic ear and provide advisement or coaching to assist them to organize their goals and intentions into achievable steps. Do not be afraid to blend in your spiritual gifts as a pastor, coach, or healer. Use your own life experience as a tool to help others on their journey.

Another tool to use this guidance, if you are born on a double digit day, is to go back and look at the numbers that make up your double digit day, to see how they correspond and provide more detail to what's going on currently.

Willing this assists you!

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