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5 Ways to Repel Energy Vampires

One of the greatest gifts the creator gave to us upon creation is self-preservation and the ability to evolve. Self-preservation is the art of protecting one's self from death or harm in life's situations. One of the most unknown causes of harm in evolving is the threat of an energy vampire. Energy vampires can be those closest to you, people you meet, and even you. The energy vampire threatens to drain your energy and change your mental and physical composure to the non-benefit of evolving to your highest potential.

Below are 5 ways to preserve your being and avoid the energy vampire:

1. Pay attention to your body when in contact with others - If when you are around certain people (or when you leave) you begin to feel "different" in a non-positive way, then you may have faced an energetic vampire. When you notice your mood beginning to change or not so good body reactions, like a heavy feeling in your heart then it is time to go. Run.

2. Set boundaries – Remember that you are always your first priority in relationships. Do not be afraid to speak up for yourself in tense situations.

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3. Counteract and stay balanced – Try your best to not teeter to either side of the emotional balance scale that is in direct alignment of how you want to be. Do not allow your actions, thoughts, feelings to cause you to become overly angry or upset. Strive to stay positive and surround yourself with people that support you.

4. Wear crystals that are known to help protect you from negative energy - Amethyst, Black Obsidian, and Black Tourmaline are a few.

5. Invest in spiritual tools - Spiritual tools that are created from highly evolved masters, like talismans and medallions, for the purpose of protecting the owner. Check out and

What are some of the tools or actions you take to keep your vibe high and shield yourself from harm?

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