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Healing Stones


Crystal Consultations

Did you know that gemstones and crystals have been used for millenia to assist their owners in a myriad of ways?  The therapeutic use of these minerals can be game changers when it comes to reaching your goals, supplementing medical + holistic therapies, and supporting your emotional, mental, and spiritual objectives. 

I am agreeing not to share, disclose or otherwise violate the confidentiality or the integrity of the information discussed within the tele-calls, e-books, retreats, gatherings and e-mail messages, including but not limited to videos, pictures, screenshots, file sharing, e-mail forwarding the digital recordings of  Fulton Darby Goodson, LLC's (d/b/a/, Omaria Tucker, the Soul Scribe, SoulScribe Radio) works and classes. I commit to honoring the Value of Omaria's Work Ethic, Generosity and Compassion. I understand that Spiritual services, Mentorships, Memberships, Readings and classes are non refundable and commit to full payment and seeing through my intention or forfeiture of prior partial or fully paid funds if I quit. I understand I will be charged an additional fee if my session goes over the stated time. AiramoSoul and Omaria Tucker have a strict 24 hour rescheduling/cancellation policy as follows:
If you have paid for your session and need to reschedule please do so within 24 hours by email to so that we can adjust your appointment. If you fail to reschedule your appointmen,  please understand that AiramoSoul will not refund your session fee, period. All services are for entertainment purposes only.

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