The "Mind is Matter" mala bracelet is a unisex design using Zebra Jasper and Hematite stones to assist the wearer with hearling the mind and body - for the ultimate ying yang balance within yourself. 


The energy of Zebra Jasper is very mood lifting, energetic, and motivating. Thought to help with depression and anxiety, Zebra Jasper is a stone that can help us connect to Mother Earth and to the infinite energy of love in the universe. Zebra Jasper, by these connections, can show us our own true natures and help us see past illusion and to the heart of what we really desire. It is a protective stone, and is used for stamina, self-control and the mastery of thoughts. It aids in the actualization of desires.


Spiritually: Ideal for grounding and centering during meditation and when doing spiritual work with the higher realms, Zebra Jasper helps you to find a balance between polarities in life. It also helps to stimulate the transition from the material plane to the astral plane during meditation and centering of the soul. It helps you to look beneath the superficial attributes of others and encourages you to see the higher good and spiritual nature of all things. Zebra Jasper is particularly effective at protecting one's aura.
Considered a grounding stone, especially in touch with Aboriginal energies. Wearing Zebra Jasper Jewelry is thought to keep one centered with the earth during higher spiritual works.


Disclaimer: Each bracelet is hand-made, stones on the original design may vary dependent upon availability and what we are led to add based on each individual customer's need for the personal healing journey. SoulScribeOmaria reserves the right to adjust to create the best product for your needs; with no extra charge to the client. 


*All bracelets are hand made, please allow 7-10 business days to ship. 




Small - 6.5 in

Medium - 7.5 in

Large - 8.0 in

X-Large - 8.5 in

My Mind is Matter

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