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Are you tired of feeling stuck in your daily life?

Do you know that your purpose is NOT staying at your 9 to 5 for the next 40 years?

Are you feeling caged and need help to fly free?

Do you want to get crystal clear on your Divine Blueprint and are  you ready to work it daily?

Do you feel unclear, insecure, or plain and simple not happy with life as You currently know it?

Pi-Life Self Empowerment Academy

Now taking applications

Self Discovery. Self Transformation. Self Empowered.

Know your natural gifts and talents
Clearly define your Divine Purpose
Learn the Magic of Intention and how to Use It
Discover your GodSelf and how to Tap in to Your Power
Take back your Joy, Confidence, and Happy
You will receive:
13 weeks of live training and accountability
Live monthly planning sessions each month
1:1 Intuitive guidance calls each month
Developing an action plan that aligns with your divine blueprint
An assessment of your current personal needs desires
Access to MY Keys to Success and How I keep myself in alignment to My Divine Plan
Increased God-fidence, Joy, and knowing Your Value

All right. I need you to do me a favor, please.

1. Breathe - sometimes we forget to breathe when we encounter life changing information.

2. Smile - know that All things are always working for Your Good!

 3. Scroll back up and re-read the statements above and make sure that it makes sense to You!


OK, do the statements still ring true? If your answer is Yes, complete the form below.  The next step is to schedule a call to see if  (1)  Pi-Life Self Empowerment Academy is a good fit for You and (2) if WE can work together! 

Are you ready? Apply Today!

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