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Ancestral - Spirit Packs

Love Offerings to Heal, Balance, and Prosper!

Have you ever felt like you wanted a way to connect with the spiritual world – transitioned loved ones, the goddesses/gods, the creator,  your past life or future self? Can you relate to wishing there was some way that you could help your ancestors on the other side? Or, maybe trying to come up with a way to change the future for yourself?


When I first began my spiritual work and practices with connecting to my Ancestors, I was introduced to setting up altars and sending offerings to the spirit world. I knew that I felt that life just didn't end once someone "died" – transition from earth. I knew that I had more of a say in my life and how I could manifest change. I knew that I was chosen to help heal my family line from all of the trauma and bad decisions of generations pass.  


Of course, I was a little hesitant, yet intrigued to learn more about this practice. I felt like I was not experienced enough and that I would mess something up. I did not think that my Divine Spiritual Team (this is my cool name for my ancestors, the dieties I work with, and my higher self), would get it. I was a skeptic, plain and simple. However, as I began to incorporate this simple step in my weekly time to think about my loved ones, I began to see more and more synchronicity and signs coming in to assist me on my journey.


I then increased the frequency to a few more days in the week, and sometimes everyday. My dreams/astral travels picked up and I could recognize my loved ones coming to bring me messages and talk to me. I became more clear on my purpose and started to see constant "irritations in my life" (like people, bad work situations, anything that gave me stress or struggle) began to move out of my life.


My name is Omaria Tucker, I am the millennial Soul Scribe. Before I accepted my self and my gifts, I had grown into a tremendous funk of depression, low self-esteem and just living life for the sake of being a mother to my daughters. One of the practices that I incorporated on my journey was to connect with my ancestral family who came before me. As I began to connect with my ancestors, I could feel life just beginning to change. It was an honor to light candles, sit still and talk to them – mostly tell them my troubles (HA!!!), giving them food, and watch their favorite shows. It became a bridge to help me to release and give reverence. Just because we are not able to see them physically, they are still around and want to help us.


In the ancestral spiritual pack that I empower, you will receive:


(30) $100,000,000 Joss Notes (aka Hellnotes/Heaven notes Taoist)

(30) $100 American bills

(30) Gold foil sheets for longevity and prosperity

(1) Gold Bar

(30) Joss Sandalwood Incense for mental clarity, blessings, and luck

(10) Buddhist Prayer sheets to remove/balance karma & blessings

(3) Sandalwood sticks – burn around the home to clear energy

(1) Gold bar

(2) Joss Candles to light the path for the Spiritual Team to receive



This is at minimum 30 days work of empowered items to use. Burn as little, or as much as you want. Be safe. Use a fire proof bowl, cauldron, aluminum pan. Be wary of smoke alarms. Don't leave the fire burning unattended. You can take a red ink pen/marker and write the name of a specific loved one, diety (god/goddess), or your self; if you would like. This ensures that if you have a certain one that you defnitely want to receive the blessing, they get it. We have generations, upon generations of lineage as our foundation.  


Prayer/Statement to enhance:

May the full merit of this offering reach my ancestors, both known and unknown. May it help you to be healed, be at peace, and have all that you desire. Thank you for choosing me to be a divine reflection of your love and light.

At this point you can ask the Divine Spiritual Team to assist you with a current task/project/obstacle that you have going on.

[I like to say, "Thank you for assisting me with, …"]

You can then sit for a moment and just chill with them, or, say thank you, bye, Ase', Aje', Amen, Om – whatever your naturally way to end is perfectly fine.


You can ask your Divine Spiritual Team to acknowledge or proved to you that they received your offering. For example, say, show me a pink car to prove this (now, make sure that seeing a pink car is something that is not normal where you live). Then, just wait.


Thank you for choosing to purchase the Ancestral Spirit Pack that has been empowered by me, my Divine Spiritual Team, and the Sacred Sounds. I know that you will be blessed and will begin to see dynami change in your life. If you are a beginner, give it time, and allow the energy to build up.


For any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at

Heal & Prosper by clicking here:

Investment $47 includes S&H

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